Here are our 2020 families. You can read more about our program on our FAQ page. Raising Multiples is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for your interest in helping families in need this holiday season. Each family has different needs. Some can benefit from new clothing and toys, or basic necessities like groceries and diapers. Others can utilize gift cards for gas and food.

Email us if you would like to adopt a family. You can reach our Adopt-a-Family Coordinator, Lisa, at She will provide information and shipping instructions if needed.

Family #1: If you’d like to make a general donation to the Adopt-a-Family program, we will do the shopping for you for any families that are not adopted, added to the program late, or that need help during the year. You may mail your contribution to Raising Multiples, PO Box P.O. Box 69, Albertson, NY 11507, or donate online. Be sure to mark the “Please apply this donation to the AAF program” box under Donor Information. Thank you!

Family #2: Adopted This family with 5 teenagers – 4 girls and a boy, is struggling financially, because Dad is in the hospital for a sudden illness and Mom’s work hours have been cut back due to the pandemic.  The saddest part is that no one can visit Dad.

Family #3: Adopted This northeast family has 6 children; the youngest two have major medical issues.  Dad lost his job due to the pandemic.  They have been depending on the local school for meals.  Their greatest need is food.  They live near a Key Food Supermarket and a Target Store. Two of the boys need winter clothes – size men’s medium in tops and sweatpants – they do not wear jeans.

Family #4: Adopted This southern family has a 3-year-old boy and 3-month-old quadruplet boys. When Mom was pregnant, she had a medical emergency that required major surgery.  This story has a happy ending and Mom is fine, but the family is struggling financially. The 3-year-old boy likes books and dinosaurs.  He wears size 4T.  His 4 brothers are most in need of diapers and formula. This family lives near a Walmart and Target.

Family #5: Adopted This northeast family has 10-year-old triplet girls.  Dad has been unable to work for several years and Mom lost her job due to the pandemic.  To make matters worse, Mom was recently in a car accident that totaled their car. Fortunately, she was alone, and she is fine.  This family would like help with Christmas.

One girl wears size 14 clothes and shoes, size 5.  She likes books (mysteries, biographies, reads well above her age level), puzzles and science experiments.  She is very girly.

One girl wears size 12 clothes and shoes, size 4.  She likes art supplies and any kind of crafts, board games. She is also very girly.

One girl wears size 14 clothes and shoes, size 6.  She will only wear boy’s clothes and likes video games, animals, and sports (skateboarding, basketball, softball). This family lives near a Walmart and a Target.

Family #6: Adopted This northern family is headed by a single Mom, who also cares for her extended family.  The family has 5 year-old triplets, two girls and a boy.  The Pandemic has caused this Mom’s hours to be significantly cut back. The boy wears size 5T and loves Mario, Legos, cars and transformers. The girls wear size 5T and size 6T and like Barbies, Disney Princesses and My Little Pony.  This family lives near a Target, Stop and Shop, and a Costco.

Family #7: This southern family survived a terrible house fire, where they lost everything they own.  This single Mom has 5 children, with 3 still living at home – a four-year-old girl and two 12-year-old surviving girl triplets.  They are currently living with a family member as they try to rebuild their lives. The two older girls wear size 5.5 shoes. One wears size 12 shirts and size 12 slim pants.  The other wears size 14 shirts and size 14 pants and size small sports bras.  The younger daughter wears size 4/5 shirts and size 4 pants. Mom wears size 5 shoes, medium shirt and small pants.  The girls wear uniforms to school.  They live near a Walmart and a Target.

Family #8: This southeast family has one parent on disability and the other parent has been furloughed during the pandemic.  They lost a family member to Covid and are struggling financially and emotionally.  They have 8.4 year old boy, boy, girl triplets. One boy wears size 6 and loves LEGOs, dinosaurs, Dogman and Angry Birds. The other boy wears size 8, loves Dogman, puzzles, Rubik’s cube and the like, kitties, and the color pink. The girl wears size 10 in tops, 12-14 in leggings and skirts, loves art, kitties, princesses and dolls (Barbie-type).  This family lives near a Target and a Walmart.

Family #9: Adopted This mid-Atlantic quadruplet family has only one working parent due to the pandemic and is struggling financially.  They have been the family to help others in the past, and now they are in need.  The children will turn 9-years-old in January. They have 3 boys and a girl. Two of the boys wears clothes size 14, and the other 1 wears size 16. The girl wears sizes 8-10. Shoe sizes for the boys are 2-4 youth and 1-3 youth. The girl’s shoe size is 2. They would appreciate any help they can get.  This family lives near a Target and Walmart.