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Study Shows Differences in Preemie vs. Full-term Brains

Babies born at 23-36 weeks, versus 37-42 weeks, seem to have a greater potential for behavioral problems, including impulsiveness, autism and ADHD. A new study tried to figure out why. Researchers used MRI and other diagnostic scans to measure chemical concentrations in the brains of 51 full-term infants and 30 preterm infants.

The MRI findings were normal for both groups. But there were big differences in the maturation of the white matter. White brain matter transmits signals and allows the different parts of the brain to communicate, while gray matter processes and sends out signals.

“The road map of brain development is disturbed in these premature kids,” Dr. Stefan Blüml, director of the New Imaging Technology Lab at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, said in a statement. “White matter development had an early start and was ‘out of sync’ with gray matter development.” The differences are most likely due to changes that occur after the baby is born. For example, when babies are born, they transition between from a low to a high-oxygen environment. “This change may be something premature brains are not ready for,” he said.

Newborns’ brains are highly adaptable, though, and can even rewire themselves if necessary. For this reason, Blüml argues, “Our research points to the need to better understand the impact of prematurity on the timing of critical maturation processes and to develop therapies aimed at regulating brain development.”

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Adopt a Family – Thanks so much!

The Adopt A Family (AAF) campaign is over.  All families (plus some) were adopted. Thank you to all that donated. Funds are collected all year as there are needs all year round.  Please visit our webpage to find more information about this great program.

More detail about the program soon.




Time to start thinking of the MOST MOM Weekend. This gathering of moms usually occurs in July. Last year in Atlanta was lots of fun. Fun time together, being with others who “get” you.

Where should we go?   NYC?   Chicago?  Hope you can come join us.

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