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2015 Adopt a Family
For more info see our FAQ page. To donate you can send your check or donate by credit card (through Paypal) on our donation page.
Raising Multiples/MOST  OLD ADDRESS
PO Box 306
East Islip, NY 11730-0306
We ask that donors please send a small toy and new outfit for each child (unwrapped), wrapping paper, a disposable camera, tape, a gift for mom, batteries (if needed for any of the toys), and any other listed items the family needs. Please note: we do not accept used items for this program, only new items.
Please let us know by email ( or what family you would like to adopt.
Packages should be sent to the above address.
Family #1 – If you’d like to make a general donation to Holiday Adopt a Family program, we will do the shopping for you, for any families that are not adopted, added to the program late or need help during the year.  We could not do it without you…  To donate visit our Donation page.
Family #2ADOPTED: This northeast family recently lost their Dad to cancer.  Several years ago they were in the program when Dad was first diagnosed.  Then things got better and they even made a donation to Adopt a Family two years ago, when Dad got a bonus at work. Unfortunately, the cancer came back and spread quickly and Dad passed away a few months ago.  They have 4 year old triplets – Boy, Boy, Girl.
Family #3ADOPTED This northeast family has 9 year old Girl, Boy, Boy triplets.  They have had an incredible difficult year.  One of the triplets was in an accident this year and it was touch and go for a long while.  The triplet is healthy and happy, but will have long term issues.  They family is just grateful to have their family together this holiday season and we’d like them to know we’re thinking about them.
Family #4ADOPTED This family has had a year of unbelievable heartache.  Last December this family, with 17 year old Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy quadruplets, suffered the loss of one of their children to an accident. Then in March, Dad died from cancer that had been in remission for years.  This family lives in the north central United States.  We’d like them to know they are not al one this holiday season.
Family #5 – This northwest family was recently forced to move out of their long time apartment, due to the landlord selling.  They are now struggling to make ends meet, now that their new apartment is more expensive.  The have 10 year old Boy, Boy, Girl triplets and three other children, ages 13, 7 and 5.  We’d like to get them a gift card to use for groceries to help them out this holiday season.
Family #6ADOPTED This mid-atlantic family has 15 year Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy quadruplets.  The family is struggling both financially and emotionally.  Dad passed away from cancer this year and they are just heartbroken.  This holiday will be very hard on them and we’d like to help them out by letting them know we’re thinking about them.
Family #7 ADOPTED This east coast family with 16 year old Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy quadruplets, is struggling financially.  Dad lost his job and they may lose their home.  Mom has been able to take on extra shifts at work, but it’s enough.  We’d like to help them with groceries this holiday season.
Family #8ADOPTED
New York family, with 4.5 year old triplet Boy, Girl, Boy. &n bsp;Dad is not working due to an illness.  We’re hoping they’ll be back on their feet soon, but we’d like to help them this holiday season.  This family lives near a Walmart.
Family #9ADOPTED Southern family, with 7 year old GGG triplets and 5 year old BB twins.  This is a military family that is struggling this holiday season.  Dad is unable to work, but wants more than anything to have a special holiday for his family.