As couples undergo fertility treatments, search the Internet and look at higher-order multiples (HOM) outcomes, they are likely to find the Raising Multiples website. These couples need to know that while Raising Multiples is here to support families expecting multiples, HOM pregnancies should not be viewed as the intended outcome, but rather complications of fertility treatments. While many couples expecting HOM are able to have healthy outcomes when given support, education and quality care by a perinatologist experienced in multiple births, the emotional, physical and financial impact of HOM births is significant.

Recognizing the agonizing decisions that couples pregnant with HOM must make, as well as the potential risks to both the mother and babies during a HOM pregnancy, Raising Multiples supports patient education and the responsible use of fertility treatments. We believe that preventing the high-risk pregnancies associated with HOM should be a primary goal of the couples undergoing fertility treatments, as well as the reproductive endocrinologists and other medical professionals who provide these treatments. Once a higher-order multiple pregnancy is confirmed, however, Raising Multiples remains dedicated to our mission of supporting families as they face difficult decisions, experience a high risk pregnancy, and cope with the lifelong responsibility of caring for these very precious children.