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Listed below are skills that typically occur during each age range given. Remember that these are just general guidelines; all children develop differently. If you feel your child is not growing or learning like other children of the same age, please contact your Pediatrician!

By the age of…

  • 1-6 months, most children…
    • follow objects visually and reach for them
    • roll over
    • babble
  • 6-12 months, most children…
    • sit alone, creep, crawl
    • respond to own name
    • hold own bottle
  • 12-18 months, most children…
    • walk alone a few steps
    • use single words
    • drink form a cup
  • 18-24 months, most children…
    • walk well; run
    • use many words to name familiar objects/people
    • eat with a spoon
  • 24-30 months, most children…
    • point to 4-5 body parts
    • use short sentences
    • help in dressing
  • 30-36 months, most children…
    • play cooperatively with other children
    • walk up and down stairs
    • say first and last name

Here are some other sites and tools that offer information on developmental milestones: