Q: How do I help my children answer a question like “What it’s like being a triplet?”

A: Answering this question is much like answering the question “What is it like to be right handed?” or “What is it like to have blonde hair?” Each question is difficult to respond to since the individual rarely has any other life experience to compare to.

To help your children identify what they like and dislike about being a multiple, you must be prepared for what they might say. They may not respond with what you as a parent perceive the advantages and disadvantages of being a multiple are. At different ages and stages of a child’s life, they may intensely like or dislike having siblings the same age and/or receiving outside attention because they are a multiple. A young person may not know how they feel.

Some days they may relish knowing they don’t walk through this world alone, and other times they may really wish that they did.

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