Q: How do I prepare to pay for college for multiples?

A: At first all parents feel this issue is a lifetime away, but parents of multiples should start planning college funds as soon as the family is financially able. Start by researching funding options, and remember, federal financial aid currently considers how many people in a family are attending college at the same time. Also, parents should consider saving for their retirement years first as there are no loans, grants or financial aid for that.

According to LifeTips’ list of Wacky, Unusual, Left-Handed Scholarships and other sources, the following is a list of colleges with discounts or scholarships that are available to twins, triplets or higher:

  • Carl Albert State College in Oklahoma
  • George Washington University in Washington DC
  • Lake Erie College in Ohio
  • Morning Brown College in Atlanta
  • Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
  • Randolph-Macon Women College in Virginia
  • Sterling College in Kansas
  • West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (offers $440 per child per fall & spring semester for twins and triplets’ room expenses)
  • Wilson College of Pennsylvania (offers a scholarship that pays 45% tuition for each twin or triplet)
  • The Marie Simmons $1000 Scholarship offered by the New York State Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs

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