Q: Should my multiples attend preschool?

A: Parents should consider several circumstances when making this decision. For example:

  1. Does your local school system offer a free preschool program? If so, this option may be a nice way to introduce your children to organized social experiences outside of the home.
  2. Is the only preschool programs available private? Then you will have to weigh the advantages of paying tuition times three versus home schooling.

Parents who cannot afford a private preschool may want to join free or less expensive programs that offer a similar social experience for children of 3 years of age. B elow are a few more preschool options:

  • Some local school systems (secondary and college) offer a free or reduced rate preschool program in conjunction with their early childhood education program.
  • School districts also offer Pre-K programs for 4 year olds
  • For socialization only parents may want to consider programs such as library events, YMCA programs, programs through home school associations, and formal play groups.
  • Many churches offer Mother’s or Parent’s Day Out programs, which are structured but not exactly educational.
  • Many churches offer Vacation Bible Schools in the summer, which are usually free or very low-priced.
  • There are co-op programs where the parents work part of the time in exchange for reduced tuition.
  • If the only preschool programs available are private, then the parents will have to weigh the advantages of paying tuition times three versus home schooling.

If you choose not to send your children to a preschool program, become familiar with the developmental skills reviewed on kindergarten assessment tests. By taking this step, you can review whether your children are mastering these skills, and if they are not, you can have them assessed by an early intervention program for additional help and support.

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