Q: What advice can you offer for traveling with a child with a disability?

A: Planning ahead is always best when traveling with a child with a disability. If you plan to stay at a hotel and need, for example, a wheelchair accessible room, make advance reservations to be sure such a room is available. A similar approach can be used for campsites and other locations. If you are renting a house, be sure to discuss with the owner or rental company what your needs are in advance of your arrival.

You should also consider what activities are planned while traveling: visiting museums, parks, theme parks, etc… A call, letter, or email in advance can help you make sure your visit is successful. The Disney parks, for example, do a wonderful job accommodating guests with disabilities. When visiting one of their facilities, bring a letter from your child’s doctor that clearly explains the nature of the disability and what accommodations are needed. Upon arrival, visit the Guest Services desk and you will be given a special pass for your entire party that informs staff members what your needs are.

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