Q: What is the best way to handle unwanted attention when out in public with multiples? Also, what do I do if I think someone is pretending to be a multiple birth family (faker/hoax) to get attention or donations from me?

A: Multiples definitely attract attention! If the attention is inappropriate or you are in a hurry, some parents just nod and explain they are on a tight feeding schedule. Another option is to place one infant in a front or back carrier and push a twin stroller which tend to attract less attention. Some parents just focus on the fact that they were given a very special gift having multiples and are happy that these special children put a smile on others’ faces. contact the Raising Multiples office immediately at (631) 859-1110 or by email.

About Fakers:

Our mission is to support multiple birth families through compassion, concern, and goodwill; however, Raising Multiples and the families Raising Multiples supports are occasionally the target of individuals who wish to exploit those intentions. Over the years, Raising Multiples and other multiple birth/preemie organizations have experienced several incidents where people pretended to be parents or expectant parents of multiple births and/or premature infants, but in fact were not. People fake being a multiple birth, large, or preemie family for a variety of reasons such as to get attention or to con people into giving them gifts or money.

If you suspect you have been contacted by a faker or your family photos may have been used by a faker, Raising Multiples recommends that families NOT attempt to confront the suspected faker on their own. The best course of action is to collect the relevant information and contact the Raising Multiples office immediately at (631) 859-1110 or by email.

Despite the risk of being victimized by deceptive individuals, Raising Multiples fully believes that the overall benefit of offering support to multiple birth families and families of preemies far outweighs the negative consequences of a few exploitative individuals.

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