Q: Where can I find a stroller that will hold twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, or sextuplets?

A: Families of triplets or more today have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing a stroller. Some purchase multiple strollers so that they can use the one that works best in specific situations (such as buying a single or twin-stroller and carrying one or more babies in a front or backpack carrier when space may be tight or parents don’t want to attract attention.)

For practical purposes though, many families do opt for a stroller that will seat all their children, including older siblings who are still young enough to ride in a stroller. Several manufacturers, like Inglesina, Peg Perego, Foundations, and Berg Design’s Runabout make strollers for triplets or more.

When purchasing a stroller, here are several aspects to consider:

  • Will the stroller fit (or conform to fit) into or onto your vehicle? Test it out before you buy!
  • Is the stroller fairly quick and easy to assemble and dissemble if needed?
  • Can the stroller allow parents to clip on infant car seats at first or does it have seats that will fit small or premature infants?
  • Do you need the stroller right away, or can you wait to buy it when the babies are a little older and getting out more?
  • Will the stroller still be able to accommodate (or adjusted to accommodate) children as they grow? (Many families of triplets or more find they use their strollers up to age 4!)
  • Can the model you want be borrowed or purchased used through a local multiples support group to save money?
  • Do you want to have more than one stroller to accommodate different situations? Single or twin strollers, for example, can often be borrowed for quick outings with one baby.
  • Consider w here and how you plan to use the stroller: doctor’s visits, to exercise, shopping, etc?
  • If it is an expensive model, what is the resale value of the stroller?
  • Does it have, or can you get, accessories like baskets, hooks, rain shield, sun covers, etc. to protect children from the elements and carry all the extra items like diaper bags, medical equipment, toys, etc.?

Many parents are surprised to discover that large strollers designed to hold 3 or more children can attract a great deal of attention or be difficult to maneuver in some places, so these challenges would be something else to consider when purchasing a stroller of this size.

Since a triplet+ stroller can be a major purchase, Raising Multiples encourages families to do some research, ask questions, and consider all options when making this decision.

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