Here are our 2022 families. You can read more about our program on our FAQ page. Raising Multiples is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for your interest in helping families in need this holiday season. Each family has different needs. Some can benefit from new clothing and toys, or basic necessities like groceries and diapers. Others can utilize gift cards for gas and food.

Email us if you would like to adopt a family. You can reach our Adopt-a-Family Coordinator, Lisa, at She will provide information and shipping instructions if needed.

Family #1: If you’d like to make a general donation to the Adopt-a-Family program, we will do the shopping for you! These gifts will go to any families that are not adopted, are added to the program late, or need help during the year. You may mail your check or gift cards (no packages) to Raising Multiples, PO Box 353, Purchase, NY 10577.  Please include the family number you wish to support.  Or donate online. Be sure to mark the “Please apply this donation to the AAF program” box under Donor Information. Thank you!

Family #2  ADOPTED– This Midwestern family has 5 children.  The younger boy/girl twins were born in April at 23 weeks gestation.  The boy/girl twins are small but healthy and wearing 3-6 month clothes.  We’d like to help this family with clothing and toys for the little ones.  This family lives near a Walmart and a Target.

Family #3 ADOPTED– This Southwest family has 14-year-old quadruplets – 3 boys and a girl.  Dad was laid off for quite a while this year and they’re slowly getting back on their feet, and we’d like to put some gifts under the tree for the kids.  The boys wear men’s size medium, large and extra-large.  The girl wears women’s size small.  They could use hoodies and PJ’s.  The girl likes gel nail polish, makeup, baking stuff, and fuzzy socks.  The boys love video games, music and hats.  They live near a Target and Walmart.

Family #4  ADOPTED– This West Coast family has 10-year-old 2 boys/ 2 girls quadruplets and have gone through a very difficult year.  Dad was wounded in combat serval years ago and is permanently stateside. Mom just joined the Army in the hopes of giving her family a better life.

Family #5  ADOPTED – This Midwest family has Girl/Girl/Boy 12-year-old triplets and an older brother and sister.  Dad died unexpectedly this year and the family is struggling emotionally and financially.  Please consider a gift card for this family to either Walmart or Target to help them out.

Family #6  ADOPTED – This family of 7, including 1 year old Boy/Boy/Girl/Girl quadruplets are living in a 2-bedroom apartment in the Midwest. Their older brother is 10 years old and times are hard. Dad works two jobs to support his family and we’d like to help them out this year. They live near a Walmart.

Thank you for sending some holiday cheer to these families!

We could not do this without YOU!