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The Atlanta MOM Weekend Gathering was FUN FUN FUN! (and for some of us FUN x4 or FUN x5) .Wonderful businesses and individuals donated items, food products, and discount coupons.  Here are the companies that donated. Please visit and LIKE  their Facebook page or website to Thank them.

Coffeecake Connection


Yummy! From Chicago, Coffeecake Connection Company sent us delicious individual serving coffeecakes. They were delicious!   Facebook

Drink Duets sent everyone a set of bottle hangs. Fun to use.  Keep track of bottle drinks at parties and gatherings.  Great for families with  many kids!  Facebook

Tag a Long Tag a Longs—very popular for the younger children crowd. The children hang on to the holder. Different colors available! Facebook

FundaNoodle dry erase boards are that—FUN!20130727_172738  Facebook

<Baby K'tan
Discount coupons and a free baby carrier from Baby K’Tan Facebook

Wine Poynt We had WinePoynt app trial memberships. This app gives you info on  pairing wine and food.  Facebook

Owie Pillow    Facebook

Owie Pillow donated 10 pillows. These are comfy to use while pregnant or after surgery (c-section, gallbladder, etc). Different colors available!

Cool Conduct – 100 Ways To Make A Positive Impression

Thanks again to everyone that donated items for our weekend !!