As you might expect, most home businesses start out of convenience. When you have a large family to manage, saving time and money on commuting and childcare can really make a difference. But starting a business, whether large or small, is not easy. We asked families with multiples who run home-based businesses to share their stories and tips for success.

People were always asking Jackie Todaro, whose children are now in their twenties, how she did it all and stayed so organized and successful. “I decided to write a book and package all my forms so that I could share my tips, tools and processes with others,” explained Todaro. “The best part about Family In Forms,” Todaro said, “is that it is all mine to dream, discover, define, etc… I can do whatever I want with it and I am only accountable to myself.”

Like many families today, Brad Tayloe and his wife, Lisandra Gonzalez, struggled to find a balance between work and home after their triplet daughters were born. They formed Tayloe Marketing so they could work from home. “It’s a true blessing,” said Tayloe. “I began my business to help other small business owners increase their market power. My goal is to take my knowledge gained from experience in sales and marketing to assist small business owners and service professionals who have neither the time, nor the marketing specific education to implement best marketing practices.”

Jennifer McAlister also wanted to spend more time with her triplets so she gave up her professional career and became a Magical Travel Specialist with 3D Travel Company, which specializes in all things Disney. “I decided I needed something that would allow me to make a little money, but still be free to spend time with my children,” McAlister explained. “Having made the adjustment to living on one income, I decided this would be a job to allow us all the little extras we used to enjoy.” McAlister chose Disney because she remembered her family’s trip to Disney World when her children were three as “such a time of joy for our family. I knew I wanted to be able to do that for others.”

Chris Hindley started a business sort-of by accident. After his triplets were home from the hospital, Mr. Hindley found he had trouble sleeping because of the feeding schedule and helpers coming and going at all hours. He wanted something portable to nap on that could also filter out light and sound. He ended up inventing the Hoodie Pillow. Pretty soon he had a business partner and the next thing he knew, he was on the TV show “Shark Tank.” One of the “sharks” made him an offer and they’re working out the details.

Andee Anderson Dunn is an advocate for greener, healthier living, a growing trend for many families. “Working outside the home was totally impossible in my circumstance,” Dunn said. With All My Earthly Best, “I’ve been able to vastly improve the quality of our home environment, enjoy better health, save time and money in all sorts of ways, plus do more towards going green!” All My Earthly Best focuses on making the world safer and less toxic for our children and grandchildren. The goal is to educate consumers about the dangers of toxins in the home and recommend safe alternatives.

Like most women, Tina Green struggled with her weight after having triplets. She signed on with Asantae because she was impressed by their RealW8 supplement. “RealW8 has helped me and thousands of others,” said Green, “and I love being flexible for my children and their activities.” In addition to selling RealW8, Green coordinates an online support group for people changing their eating lifestyles.

Kimberly Effert has six-year-old triplet daughters and a thirteen-year-old son. She also went into the health and wellness field. She found success with It Works, which offers products to help people lose weight and keep it off by detoxifying and balancing the body’s pH level.

Inspired to start a business yourself? Follow these tips from our families:

  • Research before you start, especially a company you plan to partner with
  • Choose something you love and it’ll never seem like work
  • Manage your time and money; learn how to make a budget and stick to it
  • Avoid opportunities promising fast money or high income with little effort
  • If you have clients come to your home for business, incorporate yourself or form an LLC to protect your assets from possible legal actions

Do you have a home-based business story that you’d like to share or tips for other MOST families considering starting a home-based business?

*The purpose of this article is to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of multiples’ families. MOST does not endorse, recommend, or warrant any of the companies or persons appearing in this article.