Here is a story about becoming friends with other HOM moms. Thanks Heather for sharing your story. 

I was a mere 23 years old when my husband and I unexpectedly found out we were expecting quadruplets. I’ll never forget that first ultrasound and the rush of feelings we felt that day. As we drove away from my doctor’s office we questioned everything “how will we afford this? We need a new house. We need a new car to hold them all. How will my tiny frame carry four babies? What if we lose one, some or all of them?” Worry and excitement filled our lives and while we knew we were in a unique situation it really didn’t set in until the media expressed interest and we were suddenly the talk of the town(s) here in north Texas.

At one point I just KNEW it was Kate Gosselin, “Octomom” (who happened to be pregnant at the same time)… and then me. Just the three of us. I felt alone and like nobody could relate to what I was experiencing and going through. Even the doctors were floored at our situation and had to discuss between each other to determine the right care for me and my unborn babies. I did what anyone would do and googled “quadruplets” and it wasn’t long I came across the Gerwer quads who happened to live not even 30 miles from me. I stalked their blog, read every post from the very first and anxiously awaited new posts. Having a glimpse of what my life would soon be like was exhilarating and encouraging!

Not long after that, thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend, I got to meet Casey and her family in person. Casey introduced me to a small close knit group of 14 other Quad Moms across the US. I suddenly found myself surround by people who had been there, done that and were rising quadruplets of their own. I can’t even tell you how encouraging it was to have those other moms to turn to. From our very premature delivery, to NICU, to sleeping through the night, potty training and so forth, they’ve been there to guide me through it all!

The 16 of us vacation yearly together in different parts of the states! Our small group of about 16 is now several HUNDRED members big thanks to the World Wide Web, fertility clinics and media.

Everyday I am in awe of the support that is given between these moms. From celebrating the milestones and happy days to virtual hugs and many prayers for the ones who experience loss and extremely difficult times, the bond is just incredible to be a part of and witness.

I think I can speak for many when I say I wouldn’t be who I am today as a mother if it were not for others who are in my unique situation!


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Heather Cox
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