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What a year! Life is always busy and exciting for families of triplets, quads and more! When you think about 2014 what will you remember? Your delivery? A NICU stay? Surviving the first year? No more diapers? Sending those precious babies off to school? Or possibly celebrating a graduation?

No matter the age of your children, each year brings celebrations, milestones and sometimes challenging times. Sharing with family and friends makes our celebrations more joyful and our difficulties less painful. We have many happy memories of this past year with our families and we hope you do too.

Happy Holidays!


Adopt-a-Family Update

All of us at MOST hope you are enjoying the season. As you may know, our Adopt-a-Family program is in full swing. If you are not familiar with this program please take a look.

AdoptAFamily_000As of December 1 there were 16families listed in the program that are going through a tough time and could use a little help and cheer this season. ! We have more families waiting to be adopted. If possible, please consider adopting one of these families we know this would make their holidays a bit more cheerful.

Any donation you can give will be most appreciated. You can give to any of the families waiting for adoption, no matter the size of your gift. If you have any questions please call us at 631-859-1110 or email us at info@mostonline.org.

Donate to MOST this holiday season to pass it forward to other multiple birth families.


Need More Holiday Cheer?

Photos of triplets, quads and more with Santa can be found here. Winter holiday photos can be found on Flickr.

The MOST Youtube holiday video is found here.

Share your photos with us!


Medication Safety at Holidays

Thanks to healthychildren.org for this information.

With the holiday season underway and many families visiting, remind loved ones that medicine storage is an important part of children’s safety.   Children move fast and sometimes it is hard to watch all of them every minute. Whether visiting other homes or having visitors over, walk through your house and check where you have stored your medication and vitamins. Make sure they are out of sight, out of reach, and secured in a safe area that is not accessible to children.  Grandparents and other homes may not have medications out of reach.  Visitors to your home may have medications in reach in suitcases, toiletry bags or purses.

Disposing Medications?

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