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HAPPY NEW YEAR We hope you have a wonderful 2015. Full of love, laughter, and joy.

Raising Multiples…..Our new name!

   Maureen Boyle has been with MOST since its start in 1987. She serves as the Executive Director and has talked to countless parents, many doctors and professionals, and has participated in quite a few      media events.  Maureen shares her thoughts about the new name and logo.

Have you seen this?   What do you think?     I LOVE it!      MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) is updating, growing and changing to continue to meet the needs of families RAISING MULTIPLES.

Introducing our new name, Raising Multiples (a MOST Community); and our new logo, a quilted heart. Both represent a beautiful balance between ingenuity, hard work, skill and perseverance in light of obvious adversity which has grown into something solid, sustainable and still after almost 30 years simple and grassroots rich in tradition and able to adapt.

The quilt reminds me of the networking that is so important for expectant and all parents of multiples to do in order to learn how to better meet the unique needs of our families. This quilted heart we call a MOST community makes me think that; not just as an organization but also in each of our families, there is room enough for ALL. We are all so very, very different from each other and all still very much connected & a part of something so truly unique and beautiful and so much bigger than any one piece.  We each have something important, genuine and unique to offer each other and to share within our MOST community- RAISING MULTIPLES.

Often when we speak with expectant parents they are concerned that they will just not be able to love each of their children as much as each may need. I hear this especially from parents who have one older child. They know already the deep unconditional love they have for their firstborn and are so afraid that they will just not be able to bond as deeply with each of their unborn babies. Just like with this quilt, we see that there is truly room enough for all to grow. Each has something important, genuine and unique to share and it is our responsibility as parents to help them; and each of our family members, to discover what this may be and to cherish each other for this quality that only they can share. Each of our parts; the obviously beautiful, the perfect human flaws, the seemingly broken yet perfectly shaped piece. Each of which makes our own family quilt unique and perfect in its own way. The quilt is stronger and bigger and richer because of each of the pieces. Our love for each of our children is just as deep and interestingly so different from the other.  A parent’s heart has room enough for all. It grows exponentially as needed.

What may have looked like a mismatched, blemished, odd or worn out item when seen  as a single piece has been changed into something truly beautiful, albeit possibly too colorful for some but completely perfect for those who are able to see it as a whole.  Each family quilt is a work of art, a masterpiece and when joined together, through MOST we become something even more interesting, unusual and perfectly awesome. We are stronger because we are part of this patchwork and our connections run deep regardless of the different paths we may have taken to get to this place.

A quilt makes me think of something that is filled with so many, many stories each important and worth not only saving but also savoring and sharing. Each piece was once something else and has now become a part of something so much bigger. It is filled with tradition and longevity (much like MOST!) Our families are the heart of MOST and what they share in support of each other is what brings us together and so much bigger than any one person.

And now we are changing to Raising Multiples. This  community of families is here to advocate for quality prenatal care, promote healthy deliveries, and supply information to all multiple birth families in order to support successful parenting through every phase of their children’s development. 


Adopt-a-Family Update

THANK YOU   to the individuals, families, groups, and organizations that donated money, clothing, toys and gifts for our multiple birth families.

Here are three notes we received from families that were in the Adopt A Family program this past year.  Over the next few months, we will share more.

  • Dear Family,  Thank you for your generous gift of Walmart gift cards. Your gift arrived just in time for Christmas and touched the hearts of our family. Someday I hope to pay it forward.                Best Wishes & Happy Holidays
  • We just got the package you sent. Thank you so so much and thank you to that anonymous person! I’ll send them a thank you card very soon. What a wonderful gesture of kindness. Thank you again.
  • I apologize for not sending this to you sooner. I received a most gracious gift from you all!!!  I can’t tell you how much it means to me with what is going on in my life right now for you all to have done this for my boys and I.  I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Thank you again


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