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  • Hurricane Sandy-Give Help and Receive Help
  • Multiple Birth Awareness Week & MOST Research
  • RSV season is here
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Hurricane Sandy – Give Help, Receive Help
Each day we continue to receive news about MOST families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Some, thankfully, are doing well. Others are having challenges. Please read this blog  In Hurricane Sandy’s Path?  and How to Help After a Disaster to see how you can help. One of our families needed gasoline to run their child’s ventilator, others will need to rebuild or repair. It will take MANY months for these families to rebound from all of the chaos, change, loss and anxiety caused by this hurricane.

If you know of any multiple birth family that needs assistance because of the impact of this storm, please contact the MOST office. Our volunteers, members and families are willing to help. We followed the same protocols as we did after Hurricane Katrina also and were happy to do so again. The biggest difference this time has been the enormous assistance we received via social media.

A big shout-out to our members and friends who gave to these families –food, money, time, delivery of needed items, and overall support!


Multiple Birth Awareness Week & MOST Research

The focus this year is “School Placement – To Separate or Not?” MOST has various articles and blog posts about this subject. Some families keep their multiples together, some separate them, others change year by year. Some families have their multiples in different class years because that was what is best for their children.

Are your multiples separated in school? Share your experiences on facebook.


RSV season has begun

For otherwise healthy children, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) usually amounts to little more than a cold. However, for preemies and other at-risk infants (including multiple births), the health consequences can be much more serious. To avoid RSV:

  1. Have family members and caregivers wash their hands with warm water and soap before touching the babies
  2. Avoid being around the babies if you have a cold or fever
  3. Avoid exposing the babies to other children with cold symptoms
  4. Keep the babies away from crowded places
  5. Never smoke around the babies
  6.  Talk to your babies’ primary care physician about RSV risks, and if your children are at risk, about medications available to prevent RSV complications.


Adopt a Family

Adopt A Family (AAF) is gearing up! The list of families to be adopted will be posted soon. Thanks to your donations, MOST is helping families in need right now due to Hurricane Sandy.


Holiday Online Shopping to benefit you and MOST!

Make your back to school shopping easier by buying online! At the same time you can help MOST. Lots of supplies, clothes and other items are available on Or shop through There are many stores that will give a percentage of your purchase to MOST! Many stores participate including: Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, jcpenney, Macy’s and Staples.


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