Here are our 2018 families. You can read more about our program on our FAQ page. Raising Multiples is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for your interest in helping families in need this holiday season. Each family has different needs. Some can benefit from new clothing and toys, or basic necessities like groceries and diapers. Others can utilize gift cards for gas and food.

Email us if you would like to adopt a family. You can reach our Adopt-a-Family Coordinator, Lisa, at She will provide information and shipping instructions if needed.

Family #1 – If you’d like to make a general donation to the Adopt-a-Family program, we will do the shopping for you for any families that are not adopted, added to the program late, or that need help during the year. You may mail your contribution to Raising Multiples, P.O. Box 69, Albertson, NY 11507-0069, or donate online. Be sure to mark the “Please apply this donation to the AAF program” box under Donor Information. Thank you!

Family #2 – Adopted – This military family of 9 is struggling to make ends meet. Dad is recently home from an overseas deployment. Mom also served in the military and is now home with 7 children under the age of 13, including 4.5-year-old Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy quintuplets, a 12-year-old boy and a 3-year-old boy. We’d like to make this holiday a little easier for this southern family.

Family #3 – Adopted – This east coast family with 6-year-old triplet girls and an 8 year-old boy are going through a hard time. Mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and is on medical leave from work. We’d like to make this holiday a little easier by showing them they are not alone.

Family #4 – This southern hard-working family has 18-month-old Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl sextuplets. They are struggling financially and we’d like to help them have a special holiday. The children wear size 24 month or 2T. This family lives near a Target and a Walmart.

Family #5 – This family is headed by a single mom who is worried about having to move to a 2-bedroom apartment with 3-year-old Boy, Girl, Girl triplets before the end of the year. We’re sure Christmas gifts are pretty low down on the list, so we’d like to fill that gap. This family lives near a Walmart and a Target.

Family #6 – This mid-west family are survivors of several bad storms that have caused them to lose many things that can never be replaced. This family is struggling financially to not only make repairs on their home, but to give their children a special holiday. This family has 19-year-old Girl, Boy, Boy triplets, along with a 16-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. The children wear junior size 9/10 (female), men’s size 34×32, men’s size 32×32, junior size 9 (female), junior size 27×27 slim fit (male), and shirts, large. This family lives near a Walmart and a Target.

Family #7 – Adopted– This military family has four children – 18-month-old Girl, Girl, Girl triplets and a 9-year-old Boy. They move around a lot and have landed on the west coast for the next 2 years. Dad is also in school, as is Mom. Their hope is to make a better life for their children, but times are hard now. We’d like to help them this year. Their wish list includes: For the Boy – pants size 8, shirts youth medium, books, Legos and Star Wars or Skylander toys. The girls wear size 2T and would like any age appropriate toys and stuffed animals. This family lives near Target and Kohls.

Family #8 – Adopted – This southeast family with 5-year-old triplets – identical twin boys and a girl has had their world turned upside down. One of the boys got very sick last year. Their world has completely changed. Both parents are self-employed, which is good because they can be home to take care of the kids, but hard because if they’re not working, there is no money coming in. They spend many hours each month in a hospital several hours away. They drive an old car and there are lots of expenses associated with overnight stays, transportation and medical bills. We’re sure Christmas gifts are pretty low on their list, so we’d like to help them make the holidays special.

Family #9 – This west coast family is headed by a single mom with 17-year-old triplet Boys, who have several medical issues, which makes it hard for Mom to consistently go to work. Mom is worried about so many things that we’d like to help her by giving her a gift card to help ease her financial burden and buy a few needed things for the boys.