There are moments in life, good and bad, that take your breath away. Finding out I was pregnant with three babies at once was one of them – a great, overwhelming moment, a blessing. It happened again in 2011, when our beautiful babies were actually born and my husband, Jimmy, and I officially became parents.

Shortly after their birthday in 2013, there was yet another moment that took our breath away. It was when we learned Jimmy had colon cancer. Again, we were overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. But we figured it out and did what we had to do. It was hard on us financially, emotionally and physically.

We found great comfort in the love and support we received from our extended family at Raising Multiples during that time. They helped make Christmas that year for us a bit brighter. We will always be grateful. I am truly thankful for the Raising Multiples family we have. The love, support and understanding is endless and it means so much. – Erica

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