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Excited about snow!

Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year…time to spring forward the clocks. This Sunday at 2am, the clock springs forward to 3 am.  Many children adjust easily but don’t be dismayed if yours do not!  Most families adjust the schedule by 15 min increments over the course of a few days.

How much sleep do your children need? Look at Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?


 MOMS Weekend

Time to start thinking of the  MOM Weekend. This gathering of moms usually occurs in July. NYC was a blast last summer. This is a long weekend of fun, being with others who “get” you.

Willing to help plan? Let Diane know at Diane@mostonline.org.

Where should we go?   Chicago?  Kansas City? Hope you can come join us.  


Fun Fact

Number of tiny toes and fingernails to be clipped in one sitting:

  • twins – 40
  • triplets – 60
  • quadruplets – 80
  • quintuplets – 100
  • sextuplets – 120
  • septuplets – 140
  • octuplets – 160

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