Exercise Good for Bodies and Minds: Study

kids exerciseWe know exercise benefits children’s growing bodies. But a study originally published in 2014 finds that exercise may help children’s minds too.

Researchers randomly assigned 221 children, aged 7 to 9, to either an after-school program with plenty of physical activity or a wait-list […]

Adopt A Family

What is Adopt-a-Family?fmailyspotlight
The Raising Multiples Adopt-a-Family outreach program is an annual effort, mainly at holiday time, by volunteers and donors to provide assistance to multiple birth families in need. Over the years, Adopt-a-Family has helped hundreds of […]

New Guidelines for Peanut Allergies

peanutsThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is endorsing a recommendation that infants at high risk of peanut allergies be given foods containing peanuts before their first birthday.

This new advice is the result of a major allergy study published earlier this year that found that exposure to […]

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