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Tips for Sharing Your Values with Your Teenagers

Thanks to our friends at HealthyChildren.org for these guidelines!

Today, teenagers are bombarded with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of ethics and morality, at the very time they’re in the process of formulating a system of beliefs. This is not only confusing for them but troubling for […]

Ten Tips for Quality TV Viewing

We have all heard that total entertainment screen time (TV, computer, tablet, etc…) should be limited to less than 1 to 2 hours per day for children, and kids under age two should not be exposed at all. But that can be hard […]

MOST eNews October 2014

  • National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
  • Thinking of Halloween Yet?
  • Fire Prevention Month  with Multiples
  • National Teen Drive Safety Week
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National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Next Stop Adulthood: Tips for Parents

With high school and college beginning soon, here are some things for parents of older children to keep in mind from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Becoming a young adult is exciting, difficult, and scary for both parents and teens. It is a […]

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