These teens are supporting their birth hospital.  Way to go Alex, Sela, and Ari!

A set of teen triplets is giving back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, crediting the center for saving their lives 14 years ago.

The Hospital is celebrating 30 years of helping sick kids and their families, and Alex, Sela and Ari Poulos are on a mission to help others. They were born premature and spent five weeks in the intensive care unit.

“It was awful, but I felt so reassured and so safe because of the staff and the nurses and they all became our family,” said their mother, Shelli Poulos.

Now the Poulos family often returns to PCH. In June, they gave the hospital money raised during one of their concerts and now the siblings, who formed the band TripleFirre, are performing their original song, “I Will Run Again,” at the hospital.

TripleFirre has a music producer and plans to release songs to music labels in the near future.

*Thanks to CBS 5 in Arizona for covering this story!