5 teens on wallWhat is it like to have multiple teen-agers in the house? Whether you have been there, are there, or will be the following is a humorous look at life with 5 teens! Thanks Maureen Boyle for sharing your outlook.

Having 5 teenagers in the house – been there! For the most part it is absolutely wonderful!!! These are really cool people that can have great, intelligent conversations and the wild thing is, you gave birth to them. They can also be crazy, impetuous (impulsive, hotheaded, reckless and spontaneous) and passionate.

What a growth spurt for all of you.

If you thought the first 10 years went by fast – these next 10 go by at warped speed!! Embrace, take pictures, have no regrets – take the time, do the family trips, eat as many meals together as possible, learn to take a few risks of your own, get free fashion and make-up advice (unsolicited at times) and be prepared for:

Many late nights walking the floor

A type of worry and fear that you have not known in a very long time

More joy than you ever could have imagined

More noise in your house than you thought possible

Being crazy busy and pulled in 101 directions one moment and totally lonely the next (you and them)teen girl upset

Plenty of drama (especially with girls)

More laundry (if that is possible), larger bodies = larger clothes

Opinions!!! Opinions!!! Opinions!!!

More pride than you thought possible (almost sinful- on your part: Do you believe you actually gave birth to these beautiful human beings?)

Being humbled (on so many levels – programming your cell phone for one)

Enormous grocery billsCB047910

Showing respect even when they do not deserve it; receiving respect even when you may not deserve it

Every decision is actually enormous (your’s and their’s)

Trusting the people you raised (until they give you a reason not to)

Friends, dates, cars, parties YOURS!! (and casting a suspicious eye on their’s)

Remembering your youth and trying to protect them

Embracing your faith as they may try to pull away and question in order to discover their ownthree girl teens

What is REALLY important to you may not be at all important to them: Is it here? Is it now? There is plenty of time in their minds.

Marveling at these awesome creatures that have grown into mini-adults (although taller than you)42-17075060

One minute seeing your little child and the next not recognizing this tall stranger before you trying to sell you a bill of goods you know you do not need nor want

Have you seen the Exorcist? She may move in on a monthly basis. Mark YOUR calendar and warn the neighbors

Learning lots of new music

Measuring your words and picking your battles

Rereading “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” in a whole new light

Seeing how well they work together (to convince you that you have lost your mind)


Letting Go – Letting God
Mom of Meggie, Brendan, Patrick, Nora & Colin
Long Island, NY