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Adopt A Family

The 2012 Adopt A Family is going strong! There are still families that you can help! Some have had a hard year financially, others were hit by Superstorm Sandy or the wildfires. YOU can make a difference with a donation of any amount!

Help other families of multiples have a joyful holiday season with gifts! You can send items, gift cards or make a monetary donation that will allow MOST to shop for you!

Learn more about the Adopt A Family program here.


Who are Late Preterm Infants? They are born between 34-37 weeks

UntitledThe National Perinatal Association recently launched the Multidisciplinary Guidelines for the Care of Late Preterm Infants, a new tool for healthcare providers, parents, case managers and others involved in the care of babies born between 34-36 6/7 weeks gestation. The guidelines, developed in collaboration with more than 20 healthcare professionals and organizations, provide evidence-based recommendations that focus on the management of late preterm infants from birth through childhood. These babies, often disguised as a smaller version of a term infant, have higher rates of morbidity and mortality and have increased health risks through childhood.

The new multidisciplinary guidelines provide a tool for healthcare providers, case managers, parents and others to better care for this important population.

The guidelines can be used as a roadmap that provides guidance for the healthcare team and for families and are categorized in the areas of: In-Hospital Assessment and Care, Transition to Outpatient Care, Short-Term Follow-Up Care and Long-Term Follow-Up Care. The guidelines are available, free of charge, in an easy-to-navigate PDF format and are available online at http://www.nationalperinatal.org/lptguidelines.php


Education of Multiples- A MOST surveyMOST Family Carnival 2011 020

Are you a parent of multiples that are 3 or older? Many multiples families struggle with the school and/or class placement of their children. Every spring, the questions start popping up, “Should we home school, send to private school, or send to public school?” “Should I put the children in the same class or separate classes?” “How do you handle the logistics of school, homework, conferences, etc.?” There is little current research on multiples in educational journals.

week61Lisa Share,PhD (a mother of triplets) created a survey for MOST, approved by Walden University, to ask families the questions most frequently asked. She plans to share the research with multiple birth organizations. If you have multiples that are three and older who either attend school or are educated at home, please complete this survey on Survey Monkey. It will take no more than ten – fifteen minutes and will help many other families who ask the same questions.

Please share this link with any of your multiples friends or local multiples’ groups.  If you have any questions or comments, please email lisa.share@waldenu.eduFactors Families Consider when Selecting the Educational Placement of Multiples is found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/multiplessurvey.     Thank you for participating!

Holiday Shopping to benefit you and MOST!

Make your holiday shopping easier by buying online! At the same time you can help MOST. Lots of gift ideas and holiday decorating supplies are available on Amazon.com. Or shop through iGive.com. There are many stores that will give a percentage of your purchase to MOST! Just by joining MOST will receive $5. And when you buy something, MOST receives another $5. You can even sign in with facebook! Many stores participate including: Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, jcpenney, Macy’s and Staples.


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