feet in colorIt is our pleasure to share with you the news that Maureen Boyle received the HOPE award earlier this month.  Maureen was honored by Graham’s Foundation for her work with higher multiples over a 25+ year period.  Raising Multiples was originally known as MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) when it was founded by Maureen and other mothers in 1987.  Maureen dedicated over 25 years to children, parents and caregivers. It is nice to see her recognized for her hard work and dedication.  In addition to the print work cited below, she also helped write Raising Multiples/MOST’s book Expecting Multiples: The MOST Comprehensive Guide to High-risk Twin & All Triplet, Quadruplet or More Pregnancies.  

Maureen, earlier this year, officially stepped down as Raising Multiples’ Executive Director. Over the years, many changes have occurred  in the organization, with infertility treatments, medical care during pregnancy, NICU improvements, and preemie outcomes.  Thanks Maureen for guiding parents and professionals through these changes,  issues, challenges, and blessings preemies and their families face every step of the way. We are thrilled that Maureen is recognized for her many, many years of work.

If you would like to congratulate Maureen, please send an email to info@raisingmultiples.org and we will make sure she receives it. grahams-foundation-image

Graham’s Foundation Announces Its
2016 Miracles & Hope Award Honorees

Graham’s Foundation, the global prematurity organization, will recognize the contributions of the honorees at its upcoming NYC ‘Tinis for Preemies event

Graham’s Foundation ( http://GrahamsFoundation.org ), the premier global organization for parents going through the journey of prematurity, has announced its 2016 MIRACLES Award and HOPE Award honorees.

Sponsored by Mead Johnson and Shire respectively, these awards honor and raise awareness of the work of medical professionals, researchers, philanthropists, and others making a difference in the lives of families with preemies. This year’s MIRACLES Award Honoree is Dr. Jatinder Bhatia and the organization’s HOPE Award Honoree is Maureen Doolan Boyle. Their contributions will be shared and celebrated at the organization’s upcoming ‘Tinis for Preemies event on November 2, 2016.

Our 2016 honorees were chosen for their commitment to improving outcomes for both preemies and their parents,” said Graham’s Foundation president Nick Hall, who founded the organization with his wife Jennifer after they experienced the birth of twins at just 25 weeks before facing the trials of the neonatal intensive care unit and the loss of one child. “For some nominees that has meant diving deeply into neonatal research, working to change the culture in our NICUs or tirelessly supporting and educating parents of preemies. Our honorees are those nominees whose great passion and dedication has set them apart.”

Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, MIRACLES Award Honoree

A 1975 graduate of the Armed Forces Medical College of the University of Poona, India, Dr. Bhatia completed his pediatric residency, including a year as chief resident, at the Augusta University in Augusta followed by a joint fellowship in neonatology and pediatric nutrition at the University of Iowa before joining the faculty at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where he rose through the ranks to associate professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine and Community Health. In 1991, Dr. Bhatia returned to Augusta University as a professor of pediatrics. Three years later he was named chief of the Section of Neonatology and program director of the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine fellowship. He is also a professor in the Georgia Regents University College of Graduate Studies.

But Dr. Bhatia is more than an accomplished clinician who has earned countless awards. He is also a world renowned researcher, an active reviewer for numerous journals and author of more than 100 articles, abstracts and book chapters. On top of it all, he still finds time to display a level of engagement and compassion rivaled by few. He is a dedicated mentor to other physicians in the neonatal field and an incredibly caring and compassionate doctor who spends countless hours counseling and consoling parents of the babies in his care.


Maureen Doolan Boyle, HOPE Award Honoree

Rasing-Multiples_LogoMaureen Doolan Boyle is a founding member of MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), one of the very first support networks for families of triplets or more. The organization was created by Doolan Boyle after the birth of her own triplets to support and educate the parents of triplets, quadruplets and more – before and after birth.

Boyle has served as editor for the MOST magazine, Supertwins, and is considered an expert in multiple births and RSV education. She also authored The NICU Notebook: A Parents’ Journal and wrote for TWINS magazine. Additionally, she helped write and introduce the Safe Motherhood Act to Congress in 1996 and was a consultant for the Learning Channel series SuperTwins. She was recognized as the 1999 March of Dimes Women of Distinction, has appeared on NBC’s Today show multiple times and was featured in a three-page article in People magazine.

Under her guidance MOST (now known as Raising Multiples) grew from a personal project into the nation’s largest nonprofit group offering assistance to mothers of triplets or more, with members in 30 countries and hundreds of volunteers. Thanks to Doolan Boyle’s dedication and energy the organization has reached thousands of parents of supertwins, who are more often than not born prematurely.

In recognizing the important work of our honorees we aim to raise awareness of not only the impact of prematurity, but also the need to increase funding and research into improving outcomes for future preemies and families , Hall added. “Supporting changemakers like this year’s honorees is crucial to the evolution of preemie care, in and out of the NICU.”

About Graham’s Foundation

Graham’s Foundation empowers parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. In addition to our NICU ,transition home , and remembrance care package programs, we have more than 30 trained parent mentors available 24/7 via email, phone, and text and the market-leading app, MyPreemie . We connect organizations, medical professionals, and brands with thousands of preemie parent voices to impact positive change for preemies and their families. And we represent the needs of preemie parents at conferences around the world attended by neonatologists, neonatal nurses, industry, academics, and other professionals who work closely with preemies and their families. Visit grahams-foundation-image to learn more