In 2005, Janet found out that she was expecting quadruplets.

“We had such worry for the health of our unborn children and how we would survive once they were born. Our pregnancy was filled with continual medical issues for both me and some of our babies. During my numerous bed rest days of internet surfing, we happily discovered MOST.  The guidance and support that fellow families of multiples gave us was immeasurable.  We have no idea how we could have done it without them.  Throughout our pregnancy and delivery, our seven months in the NICU, and the early infant years, it was especially important.  At the time, the online forums were the way that we would all communicate, and I didn’t quite know how these busy moms found the time to answer our all questions. They genuinely cared. Fast forward a few years, and I became one of those moms, answering questions for newer families.  We are so happy to have met Maureen, the staff, and all of the families at MOST.  THANK YOU!  We could NOT have thrived as well as we did without you.” – Janet

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