My husband and I had a two year old daughter and when we were told we were expecting twins, I thought, “I can do this.” I am a behavioral health therapist and teacher and consider myself to be pretty confident, calm, and organized. Over the years I also helped manage younger siblings (I have 7, including twins) and loved to babysit; I had been a residence director for a large college residence hall and a housing director at a small college. I thought, “I can do this!” A few weeks later, when another ultrasound revealed a third baby, I thought, “We cannot do this alone.”

I went searching for resources online and found Raising Multiples, a MOST Community, then just called MOST, right away.  I accessed the forums and met some moms and some nurses who were giving great support and practical advice. MOST helped me plan for the pregnancy and the arrival of our girls as well as our life after. Our life was about to change drastically and I knew I needed real life expectations and to be prepared for the joy, the challenges and the exhaustion. I was able to connect with some moms who were just a few months and years ahead of me and they were so encouraging! I felt supported and confident that I had a resource of experts to help me through anything. I received information and support for:  the pregnancy, what supplies we needed, bed-rest, the birth and those nights of sleeplessness. There was even great info about how to best care for our older daughter.

I really appreciate that Raising Multiples, a MOST Community, supports the entire family along the entire journey–it isn’t just for the birth and early years. I have accessed information that gives me insight into school issues, different abilities and activities, birthday parties, friends, etc…, and I am sure when dating and the high school years hit I will be turning to Raising Multiples again.

I was able to be a volunteer for a time so that I could reach out to others in my state. Raising Multiples, a MOST Community, is a fantastic organization!  My husband and I are proud parents of four great daughters: Maddie, aged 15 and Grace, Katherine and Jacqueline aged 13; and we are very grateful for all the support. – Mikell

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