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  • Survey: Caring about Multiples’ Sleep
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July is National Ice Cream Month

Just like our multiples, ice cream flavors are many and individual.  What is your favorite? July 19 is National Ice Cream Day so how will you celebrate?  How knowledgeable are you about ice cream? Quiz your kids.  When was the first frozen dessert made? Where was the cone invented? How many licks to eat a single serve cone? (Hint: triplets take 150)

Have a wonderful summer!

Survey: Caring about Multiples’ Sleep

Raising Multiples/MOST is assisting Case Western Reserve University with a research survey. Elizabeth Damato, PhD, RN , Madeline Haas, and Donna Dowling, RN, PhD are the investigators. Please see below for the criteria to participate.

The link to participate is: Caring About Multiples’ Sleep

We hope you consider participating.

Of Interest….Vaccinations and Summer Homework

This summer many children will recieve vaccinations for school or other reasons.  Or maybe numbing medication during a medical or dental procedure. Here are some tips to help at this, sometimes, traumatic event.

Back to School Shopping benefits you and MOST!

Make your  shopping easier by buying online! Save gas and do it any time of day…no kids to take! At the same time you can help MOST. Lots of supplies, clothes and other items are available on Amazon.com.

Or shop through iGive.com. There are many stores that will give a percentage of your purchase to MOST! Just by joining MOST will receive $5. And when you buy something, MOST receives another $5. You can sign in with facebook! Many stores participate including: Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, jcpenney, Macy’s and Staples.

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