Thanks Rachelle Wilkinson for sharing this cute blog post. Orginally published on Wilkinson Quints + 2.  Ah, memories…..

With my mother-in-law here this week, we decided to be adventurous and give the babies their first bath in the big tub. It was quite a workout getting everyone undressed, weighed, bathed and dressed again—all while trying to prevent drowning and other life-threatening activities. The babies had a blast, and in the end, so did we!

 Bath in the Big Tub…By the Numbers

 1 Grandma

1 Mom

1 Big Sister

2 Cameras

1 Video Camera

1 Big Garden Tub

4 Inches of Water

2 Towels on the bottom of the tub

5 Pairs of PJ’s to take off

2 Wet Diapers

3 Poopy Diapers

1 Puddle of she-she on the carpet

(Note: she-she = what we call urine at our house)

2 Towels and

20 Sprays of Spot Shot to clean it up

1 Baby Scale

5 Cute Naked Bums

1 Bottle of Baby Wash

5 Washcloths

1000’s of Splashes

10 Ears to wash behind

5 Heads of hair to wash

9 Puddles on the floor

5 Hooded Bath Towels

5 Clean diapers

3 Matching Girls Outfits

2 Matching Boys Outfits

1 Baby Brush

100’s of Smiles

5 Clean Happy Babies!