Parent-Led Autism Therapy (PACT) Shows Lasting Benefits

parent-child-playA therapy that focuses on parents’ communication skills may have lasting benefits for young children with autism, a new clinical trial suggests.

Researchers from the United Kingdom found that preschool children who took part in the program had less-severe autism symptoms six years later, compared to kids […]

Hearing Test May Predict Autism Risk Sooner

autism brainA simple hearing test may help identify young children at risk for autism before they’re old enough to speak, a new study suggests.

Researchers from the University of Rochester in Rochester, N.Y., say they’ve identified an inner-ear problem in children with autism that may impair their […]

Autism Tied to Higher Risk for Gut Troubles in Children

researchA 2015 study published online in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that children with autism tend to have more gastrointestinal problems early in life compared to other children.

Researchers compared incidents of diarrhea, constipation and food allergy/intolerance during the first three years of life among […]

Autism Research Updates

Sperm May Show Predictors of Autism Risk

Many experts believe that autism is usually inherited, but there is no genetic test to assess autism risk. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University asked, if genetic modifications are passed from fathers to their children, would it be possible to […]

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